Chicago speed dating reviews american dating and marriage


Sep 11 1980 A Philadelphia hospital's burn center, Chicago's "master of a thousand voices" 10.

Sep 12 1980 International Frog Jumping Contest in Calaveras County CA, the town of Slippery Rock PA. Sep 15 1980 The Pritkin diet center in Santa Monica CA, a hot air ballooning competition 12. Sep 17 1980 Roller-skating group in Houston, the dispute over the Sugar Hill (NH) post office 14.

Sep 23 1980 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Pittsburgh Zoo cat keeper 18.

Sep 24 1980 Chicago's Elizabeth Arden Beauty Salon, a Tennessee commune 19.

Oct 21 1980 Satellite TV, a fifth grade feminist club in Boston 38.

Oct 22 1980 The Army's Golden Knights parachute team, "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Oct 23 1980 "Box chef" Ronald Taylor, wheelchair marathoner Curt Brinkman 40.

Sep 09 1980 Pittsburgh's Tough Guy Contest, home lingerie parties 8.

Sep 10 1980 "The Hollywood Squares", a horse midwife 9.

Sep 19 1980 Actor Larry Wilcox, reptile expert Merritt Keasy 16. America Carol Ann Mc Evan, bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson 17.Oct 03 1980 An ocean-diving dog, a woman whose diet includes leaves and grass from her lawn 26.Oct 06 1980 Making of the film "Smokey and the Bandit II", pinball wizard Rob Mansace 27.Sep 25 1980 A man-made "ocean" in the Arizona desert, a new treatment for heart attack victims 20.Sep 26 1980 Cross country bicyclist John Marino, The National Hollering Contest in Spivey's Corner NC 21.airing date topics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Sep 01 1980 Country and western boom, Ann Landers 2. Sep 03 1980 Grocery shopping spree with coupons, using balloons to open arteries during surgery 4.

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