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Stay on top of your teens text message conversations.

Use a service that will allow you to monitor your teen’s text messages from your smartphone or desktop computer at your inconvenience.

You might also struggle with a woman who experiences chronic low level irritability, anxiety or depression, perhaps even horrible cramping and pain. How can we approach this significant time in a meaningful and healthy way?

These 5 tips are designed to help you interact more intimately and lovingly with your partner.*Bonus tip for the super progressive guy: Her monthly bleeding cycle is a sacred flow exhibiting the power of women in their ability to birth a being from within.

if eggs are making you horny then that means for x amount of time you have been eating low fat and your hormones have been suffering.

With smartphones conveniently at their fingertips, teens are exploring their sexuality by sending sexual text messages commonly referred to as sexting.

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122 Common Acronyms Every Teen Parent Should know *Warning some of the contents on the list is deemed offensive and or vulgar.

Do you get frustrated and confused in trying to relate with her?

Many men deal with the women in their lives’ irritability every month.

Sexting can carry serious legal implications for teens including being charged for pornography or having to register as a sex offender.

Additional risks of teen sexting are blackmail, bullying, emotional harm or stress and absolutely no control of how images are shared or passed on.

Most men avoid this topic when considering their relationship.

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