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Posted in FILM, Television with tags Billy Ray Cyrus, Candy Clark, David Lynch, Don Murray, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jim Belushi, Mark Frost, Matthew Lillard, Monica Bellucci, Tim Roth, Tom Sizemore, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me on July 29, 2017 by dcairns I’ve been enjoying all the Twin Peaks recaps, including my friend Keith Uhlich’s on The Notebook.

And listening religiously to Diane, for my money THE podcast on the subject.

Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh are going to do some terrible things to Warden Murphy.

There was apparently a lot of really bad stuff in WILD AT HEART concerning Harry Dean Stanton’s demise at the hands of a duo of hitpersons, and it got cut out. Gordon and Albert and Tammy and Diane won’t get to the other coordinates yet.

My theory which I really think is true is that the reason he couldn’t kiss her before — she thinks it’s because he’s a good man, but we know that isn’t true — is that she’s actually his daughter. The humming sound that’s been bugging them is Joan Chen in a doorknob, but she won’t come out yet. Frustratingly, after the Buckhorn police found Dougie’s wedding ring inside a corpse, nobody has tried to trace a couple called Dougie and Janey-E.

It will be revealed that they collided with each other, in an incident caused by Wally Brando’s erratic bikemanship.

Andy has apparently forgotten all about the hit-and-run child death he was investigating. She saw Chad stealing Truman’s mail and was mildly suspicious about it.

The nasty Richard Horne will get Steven and Gersten and the armpit rash girl and her friend involved in his drugs deal with the sinister Red.

You have to wait until the episode after, or maybe several episodes after.

Matthew Lillard made an astonishing impression in the role of Principal Hastings but then disappeared for over a month. Giant use something which Fiona christened the Fallopian Tuba to blast a glowing orb full of Laura Palmer at the old BBC globe of the world ident.

I see DON’T LOOK NOW semi-regularly as it’s a good one to show students.

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