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Continuing analysis of the geometry and communications options for the arrival at Mars have led planners for the Mars Science Laboratory, or Curiosity, to choose an Earth-to-Mars trajectory that schedules launch between Nov. However, the direct-to-Earth option allows a communication rate equivalent to only about 1 bit per second, while the relay option allows about 8,000 bits or more per second.

Landing on Mars is always difficult, with success uncertain.

When Curiosity Cam is off air, you will see a slideshow of Mars and rover images.

"It is important to capture high-quality telemetry to allow us to learn what happens during the entry, descent and landing, which is arguably the most challenging part of the mission," said Fuk Li, manager of NASA's Mars Exploration Program at JPL. Support our local merchants and businesses; the tax dollars they generate keep us going. See below for a current listing of Resident Rewards! Every dollar you spend in Sausalito sends money back to our wonderful waterfront community.The camera may be turned off periodically for maintenance.The rover may occasionally be out of view as it is moved around the clean room."We have restricted airspace and a large dry lakebed that is useful in simulating several Mars-like features.

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