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More importantly, they also make the best romantic partners.

And finding a Brazilian wife is very much like finding the other half of your soul!

So chances are your wife may just be a supermodel which is common to be in her home country.

Water and beach sports as well as tennis are a hot favorite among Brazilian girls with horseback riding in the country.

Above all Brazilian women admire sense of humor in men and they want to be proud of their partner.

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They have the quintessential bikini body- often sporting the micro bikini!

Dressier than American and European cities, Brazilian women are attentive towards fashion, makeup and glamour.

Brazilian models deem themselves lucky to be at the right place at the right time and always mention how they do not feel that they are the prettiest and there are prettier or at least as pretty girls in their hometown. But remember Brazilian men and women dress well when going out for the evening. These are not 1990’s Eastern European mail order brides desperate to escape a crumbling society.

With a genetic makeup of mixed Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Indian and/or African descent, they are known for their unparalleled beauty.

Generally brunettes, there are also many blonde Brazilian girls tracing their descent from the English, Irish and Welsh settlers of the 19th century and German after World War II.

And each of them is looking for men who are truthful, hardworking, patient and treat women with respect and tenderness like in the modern Western world.

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