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When you visit the East Village, try an exotic creation at Zombie Burger and stop by Gong Fu Tea to experience the aromatic and delicious sensations of fresh tea.The oldest neighborhood in Des Moines, Sherman Hill is an extremely livable historic pocket.The median home price is also 0,892 which is very reasonable for the charming brick homes that are characteristic to this neighborhood.Beaverdale is a fairly large neighborhood and not all areas are equal.Downtown is definitely renter’s paradise but city-lovers still have the option to settle down into condos and townhomes.While you are in Downtown Des Moines, stop by the Des Moines Social Club which is a arts and entertainment venue located in a historic art deco firehouse.This area has had a face lift recently to revamp the historic architecture and invest in the community’s success which in return has produced a beautiful neighborhood with unique, historic homes, a drop in crime rate, and increase in local businesses.Currently, the crime rate in Sherman Hill is slightly lower than the annual crime rate for Des Moines and safety is only getting better.

Areas by Ashby and Beaverdale Parks, Urbandale Avenue and near downtown district of Beaverdale are the nicer and safer locations. Downtown Helpful Statistics If you are longing for the city life, look no further.One of the great advantages to this neighborhood is the perk of being around people your age.There are definitely apartment complexes that are younger by nature and are home to graduate and professional students from Des Moines University or young professionals working in Des Moines.Living in Downtown Des Moines, you will have close access to concerts, bars, plays, stand-up comedy, restaurants, art, shopping, and more.If you are looking to live closer to the twenty-something's try apartments near the entertainment district by Court Avenue.It is within walking distance to Downtown Des Moines and nearby shops, restaurants and grocery stores.

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