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Donna called Trevor a pig again and they all agreed to call it a night.Chapter 2 The next day the guys were off to play golf on their regular Sunday golf day. He was hard and I just left my hand there squeezing him till I got up.text4sex UK offers access to the largest database of genuine women throughout the UK looking for naughty sex chat with no-strings adult fun, friendship and more!text4sex UK was established with the sole purpose of 'introducing' like minded people!"Yeah Donna, the boys want to see your big tits, let's give them a show.

Chapter 1 This is the story of two couples who met in college and became lifelong friends. Donna and Trevor started dating first then they set Stan and Erin up. They were married within a month of each other right after they graduated.

" Trevor started to reach his hands out to her tits. No touching, just get a nice look," she said squeezing her tits in front of him.

Donna was just standing in front of Stan looking a little embarrassed but trying to be sexy. She let out a little yelp when she realized she had her hand on his hard cock. Your wife bumped me." Stan was embarrassed but turned on, "That's okay, I don't mind." Rather than remove her hand Donna squeezed his cock, feeling the length of it.

I know they would never cheat on us but if we told them it was okay they would jump at the chance to fuck us. The guys will get home and want to shower before we got out. We each put on that new lingerie we bought last week.

We tell the guys that we have decided to give them their wish for a trade for the night.

Erin showed up in Donna's kitchen like usual for them to have coffee. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." "Don't worry about it sweetie. We barely got back to the house when he pulled me to the bed and fucked me silly. " "Donna we're adults, can you really tell me you haven't thought about what it would be like if we switched? " "For one, we are married and for two, we are married." Donna didn't have a good response.

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