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Philippa commissioned leading geophysics experts Stratascan in Worcester, securing Ricardian and private investment to fund this original research, and Phil stepped up to ensure this also reached its funding target.The years ticked by, and the project moved forward – 2011 for the GPR – would it be 2012 for the dig?Greatly in demand was the authentically garbed knight in shining armour Dominic Sewell, a leading exponent of living history who travelled to Leicester with his comrade-in-arms, Henry Sherrey, to explain and demonstrate the absurdity of that infamous hunched back and withered arm.

There was John Ashdown-Hill (find out about his input under Greyfriars and DNA), and Annette Carson, who happened to be a communications professional as well as an author.What tipped the balance, fortunately, was that they considered it valuable to go in search of the lost mediaeval site of The Greyfriars.Philippa got busy finding the money to pay for desk-based research by ULAS.The dig was saved, but there was no time to rest on laurels.A new campaign was now needed to alert media interest while keeping the focus firmly on Richard III – not the oh-so-familiar caricature, but the real historical Richard III whose body had remained in obscurity for too long.and the results, which included consulting a 1741 map of Leicester, confirmed that the history of The Greyfriars site, as discovered by Ricardian researchers over the years, was 100 per cent accurate.

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