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As I said in the above post, this is my main beef with the Bible and many Christians (not to mention, Bible-quoting Christian politicians); they pick and choose which parts of their holy book they take seriously. There are numerous brutal, bizarre pronouncements from God in the Bible which, if taken literally and enacted, would see a person locked up in jail for a very long time. Respect, protect and guide - particularly the very old and young.

I've got no problem with honouring my parents (Commandment No.5) and refraining from murder (No.6), theft (No.8) and lying about my neighbour (No.9) but the adultery thing (No.7) seems a little statistically unrealistic and, if you live in my neighbourhood, it's tough not coveting (No.10) a whole lot of stuff - You should see my neighbour's wife! The Ten Commandments of Texting come from my own experiences and mistakes. You shall use texts to convey love and joy, but no other emotions.In some cases I’ve added a little explanation, some , if you will, to discuss the concepts further. READ: Don’t Text Around Your Kids #1: You shall use texts to communicate basic information to family, friends, and occasionally to colleagues. Texting is not for anger, which I seem to learn at least once a year when I make the mistake of “discussing” an issue over text because one of us didn’t have the maturity (OK, usually it’s me) to pick up the phone or make a coffee date.If nothing else, it shows Nile is quite happy to abandon both principles and/or stated positions for political gain. He strikes me as a very public manifestation of the religious habit of quoting holy verses to shitcan stuff the pious disagree with, yet when said scripture inconveniently conflicts with the believer's modern needs, it's ignored or "not meant to be taken literally". Far less life-altering but no less universal, I’d like to suggest some commandments (ten, obviously) for bringing order to the chaotic world of texting.

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